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VIDEO - StMackenzies - Lola Rae - (11th April 2020) - 7:12 (w/dirty talk)

Lola is waiting outside Headmistress’s office after her tennis lesson. She has been waiting ages and out of boredom has called you to come and meet her all the way from St Hugh’s. When you arrive you see she is still wearing her cute little tennis outfit and she looks very sexy. Lola knows how much you want her and she cannot wait to have some fun with you knowing you will do anything she says. She tells you to get your cock out for her; she wants you to play with yourself right here and now in the school corridor outside Headmistress’s office! However she makes it very clear how you are not allowed to cum, instead she is just going to build you up and edge you until you are ready to burst. To make things ever harder she starts to strip off her tennis outfit and her underwear until she is completely naked in front of you showing her pretty pussy.

[Image: s5t2iq5ks2m5.jpg]

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VIDEO - StMackenzies - Miss Leah - (21st September 2021) - 9:50

Quote:Miss Leah has come to the library, she knows it will be empty for a while and she is hoping to have sneaky cigarette or two without having to go outside. She takes a cigarette from the case, pulling it out as she grips it with her pretty lips. She lights it, sucking hard on its butt and inhaling deeply. She then holds the smoke a little before exhaling through her pouted lips. Miss chooses a book and starts to read while she takes several more drags on her cigarette, inhaling deeper each time as she lets the smoke dance around her pretty face. Smoking makes her feel so sexy she starts to slips off her outfit, and when in just her lingerie she finishes her first cigarette and lights another. She looks so sexy as she smokes in her red lingerie but she cannot resist slipping that off too leaving her smoking in nothing but her holdup stockings and heels.

[Image: v1o7thy3hvp0.jpg]


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